Studio Redaelli with over 40 years of experience is an established practice in the architecture and interior design fields. Its way to work is by designing beautiful spaces for its clients, considering each project outstanding and unique. 

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Its main office is located in the Lake Como area and over the years its team  created a strong partnership with the nearby furniture and finishes manufacture district, that includes most of the internationally renowned Italian brands. This gives the company the possibility to receive a great treatment by them, offering its clients the privilege to visit their headquarters and to request special customizations of their products. It also works with artisans specialized in finishes, fixtures and furniture who assist it with custom designs. 

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Silvia Redaelli, Senior Interior Designer and Marco Redaelli, who is one of the architects of the Studio.

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This company follows projects all over the world and its adaptability allows them to take care of large scale projects as well as small ones: from the architectural project of a villa to the research, selection and supply of a single furniture piece that will look beautiful in the client’s property. 

The most important for this brand is to establish a great relationship with the clients, to make them feel special, deeply understood, comfortable in discussing their project in order to get the best results.

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Its aim is to offer a complete service accordingly to the project needs. On request it can also provide the houseware and accessories, so that the property will be ready to welcome the client. 

Studio Redaelli strongly believes that the project has to dialogue with the context and its features, the client’s needs and expectations. In this way the company creates architectures and interiors that are “well-thought”, executed to a high standard, unique, beautiful, harmonious and comfortable, so to enhance the client’s living. 

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The start of a project is a fundamental phase for them; a well set project start allows them to fulfill the client expectations. For this reason invests a special effort in the concept design, offering to its clients an initial meeting that will be followed by a second one with the presentation of a Project Concept with which it will show its initial studies to the client, allowing to understand how the main features and aesthetic of the project will be. 

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Studio Redaelli also provides projects that may include some or all the following services: 

Concept proposal
Urban planning
Architectural design Interior design
Finishes selection and specification
Custom fixture and furniture design
Lighting design
Lighting and Furniture selection, supply and installation
Documents and authorizations Project site supervision 


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