SANTUCCI is an exquisite brand of leather goods that has caught my attention for its concept of exclusivity, simplicity in its lines and its innovation as a result of the beauty of its designer Stéphane Santucci.
His designs are refined, sensual and suggestive, and are designed to be part of the life of who uses them not as a fashion accessory, but as part of his most beloved things.
His alliance with Xavier Renaux in the part of market analysis, marketing, as well as his vision and definition of the collections has managed to position the brand in the luxury market.

After Design studies, Stéphane SANTUCCI turns himself towards a career in the fashion industry where he meets Xavier RENAUX, who at the time, was business manager for a Dutch group of “ready-to-wear” fashion.

In 2005, Stéphane takes part in the creation and the commercialization, in multiple countries around the globe, of different innovating project. Following this experience, a new project for exclusive leather goods starts to rise up in his mind.

Stéphane Santucci

At the same time, in Paris, Xavier creates one of the first tailored costume societies at a democratic price point.

Both men exchange on Stephane’s project and decide to associate their skills in order to develop the project towards a concept of ultra-customization.

Stéphane designs the products from scratch and applies all the codes of traditional luxury and technological luxury. Xavier contributes by analyzing the market, sharing his strategic marketing vision and defining the collections.

It is from the complementarity of these two skilled men that is born the ultra-customization range for SANTUCCI.

Xavier Renaux

When does the idea of developing your company together begins Stéphane?

I designed the first products 4 years ago with the idea of customization. After various market analysis and studies, the luxury goods sector has shown its full growth. I couldn’t face alone the development of several collections and organize all marketing and commercial aspects. Xavier came to join me in this adventure. With 25 years of experience as commercial and marketing director in the ready-to-wear and tailor-made suit for men, he brought the idea of ultra-personalization to our project.

What is your company concept and why is it so innovative?

First, it’s a story of materials. Beyond multiple technical and functional innovations, it is the combination of flexible materials with rigid materials that takes precedence. It took 4 years of research and development to realize an extraordinary product. Then Xavier brought his vision both in terms of business but especially marketing. Several plans have been put in place to optimize the market penetration that will quickly become that of ultra-personalization.

What type of materials do you use?

We use composite materials from the most common to the most exclusive such as carbon fiber, aramid, weaving gold wire …

We can associate it with different types of leathers and exotic skins like Ostrich, Python, Alligator …

These choices of finishes are determined by the client according to his desires, his habits, his tastes. It is he who imposes his style, he will not undergo the imposition of trend range.

I have read that it is very difficult to work exotic skins, why?

First of all, it is the selection and provenance of the skins that is important. We are very rigorous in the procurement process in compliance with international regulations. 

Then, it is the mixed materials that forced to rethink the technical assembly. No machine is used, everything is done by hand. 

Accessories are another strong point in your products. I have also seen that you collaborate with a jeweler. Can you explain me a little what his work is about and with what value do they complement your articles?

Yes, and it’s a great added value for our products. The customization of a product often goes through the choice of materials used, but rarely by the addition of other elements.

Each of our products will be able to accommodate gold, silver, precious stones … and custom-made jewelery pieces depending on the client’s choice and desires, which allows to issue a certificate for each piece made. Our partner enjoys a family know-how of 4 generations and moreover is a French master jeweler.

You make products for men and women and also a specific line for Golf. Can you tell us a little about this?

Men are using leather goods for every day, that’s why we thought to propose to sublimate their every day for business with computer cases / wallets or suitcases; their free time with golf bags ( if you want to be different and elegant at your office, during a meeting, in a journey or on golf race).

Range Development
Women:                         Men:
Pouches                      Briefcases
Clutches                     Card carries
Card carries               Wallets
Wallets                        Bags
Bags                            Accessoires
Accesories                 Golf Bags
Golf Bags

One of the things that caught my attention was the exclusive packagings. They are as valuable as your bags …

Absolutely! We consider that a luxury product should benefit from a luxurious packaging. But is not there solely for this purpose. It is designed so that it has a functional life, practical life, for example, to use it as jewels box. Unlike the majority use of cardboard packaging, it will be made of composite materials of the dominant color of the product ordered.

The union of Stéphane Santucci and Xavier Renaux has been extraordinary and has resulted in an innovative company and very luxurious products. There will be undoubtedly new projects for the future. Could you advance something?

We have been friends for almost 20 years and we knew that one day we would join our competences. We had different and atypical entrepreneurial paths where success as well as failure was at the rendezvous. 

Our inflexible strength draws on passion and our ability to evolve with the environments around us and know how to adapt a project. We do not want to be a brand among many others. 

We plan to take a place in the marketplace. We are thinking to develop new products in the same way. You will be first informed ! 

Thanks Nina.


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    Awesome collection.
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