Scott Hefti is a famous photographer born in The Netherlands that has made the observation of  life his passion. 

I have had the luck to discover his work and to have the opportunity to interview him. 

And he speaks for our visitors from his heart. 

It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Can a camera be the soul of life? 

Good question!

100% yes … I only recently realized that my photography says everything about my soul …. I am always looking for space and tranquility and timelessness … I am a dreamer and need this …

Your eyes capture details that others do not see. What do you catch with your camera? 

I don’t know if this is true: I am not the best photographer … I do have the discipline to often return to the same place under different lighting conditions … then you find out that everything can be beautiful under the right light. .. I sincerely think it’s that simple.

The perfect light exists … but is very rare … The location where I am staying is known for its dynamic skies … Zeeland … A few years ago a study was done to determine whether the ‘Zeeland Light really exists’ … And it does indeed exist …

There is a book: The painters of Domburg 2nd edition … among others: Toorop and Mondriaan stayed in Zeeland (Domburg)

From 1870 Domburg developed into an artists’ colony. Painters from Domburg include Jan Toorop and Piet Mondriaan.

Article Omroep Zeeland:

Proof supplied for the existence of Zeeland light:

The Zeeland light really exists. The proof was provided by artist Loek Grootjans from Vlissingen. He has researched the Zeeland light and incorporated it into an art project


Grootjans has taken water from the sea for a year at the place where Piet Mondriaan painted at the beginning of the last century and let it evaporate. According to Grootjans research, the light on that spot is influenced by the Wester and Oosterschelde, the currents from the North Sea and the Pas de Calais.

Salt crystals

The salt crystals in the water are larger in the summer than in the other seasons and due to the swirling currents on the spot, they end up in the air and thus influence the light. According to him, the way in which the crystals reflect the light produces the unique Zeeland light. delivered-for-existence-Zeeuws-licht


 I have seen that you have taken a lot of pictures of Barcelone. 

Architects, painters and photographers said always that this city has a special light. What do you think about it? 

It has to be there … It is a very inspiring city with so much art and culture … It is a city where I want to stay for a long time … You can photograph and discover endlessly there … The architecture is unsurpassed. .. I continue to be surprised that it has been realized … it is so daring and different (Gaudi).

Photography is Art. Why sometimes it has not been given the same value as painting or sculpture? 

I do everything in my life from my heart … maybe it has to do with the fact that photography is so accessible … everyone has a sublime smartphone and can take excellent photos … I would lie if I said I didn’t want to be appreciated … The best compliment I regularly receive about 1 photo: people see the path on the beach to the sea from their childhood.

 You have done different exhibitions. Tell us the reactions of the viewers about your photos. 

Giving people a little rest … I notice that everyone is under enormous pressure during this time … some people cannot escape and sometimes a photo or short video helps.

You have a lot of followers. Maybe the fact to be also a Community Manager has been very good to get them. What do you think? 

Initially it was 100% to start my own photography … later I was asked by artists … companies and even governments … For me, social media only has positive sides … it may take too much time .. but that is your own choice …

Which country has been the best for your pictures? 

I cannot answer this question … I think there is special light everywhere … you have to search and be open to it … and a lot of patience ….

I have to say that Spain is in my heart … Barcelona … Cordoba … Salamanca and Madrid …

And I also visited all the Canary Islands … last year Lanzarote … A new world has opened for me again ….

                                                                    Malta 2017

People, animals, plants, landscapes … What attracts you most to immortalize them in your photos? 

I don’t have to think about this:

A landscape … capturing timelessness … eternity … erosion … Architecture and art … I love everything in life that is permanent ….

How do you contemplate your future in five years? 

I prefer to live in several countries … to be out of comfort zone and live from intuition …

What advice would you give to photography lovers to succeed?

Be stubborn … go against the flow … follow your heart … go along with the flow or imitate makes no sense … Combine photography with social media … that is an opportunity to generate income




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