Raouf Meftah is a contemporary calligrapher artist born French Tunisian from Gabes that lives in Nice.

He uses the colors with his own soul and this is reflected in all his extraordinaries artworks that invite us to get into the depths of them.

He is member of the National Monégasque Committee of AIAP at UNESCO MONACO and has made important Exhibitions in Tunisia, Egypt, France, Dubai, and the Principality of Monaco.

Golden Prize 2019 International Contemporary Art Expo with the Patronage of the Municipality and of the province of Padova.


3 EME UNESCO Troyes International Prize 1999
1998 Arab World Committee Award
3th International Art Prize 1999 UNESCO Troyes
8th International Art Prize 1998 UNESCO Troyes
Prize of the Arab world league Alexandria Egypt 1998

The famous artist Raouf Meftah next to one of his beautiful artwork.

Which are your origins and why did you dedicate yourself to painting?

I am French, with Tunisian origins, and I dedicate myself to painting to express universal artistic freedom and to give internal visual harmony and to share it with general public.

What motivated you to dedicate yourself to art?

Motivations are either personal or internal. It’s a thirst to express myself differently and art is a universal and unique language… It’s an impression to cut a part of time and to project it on a painting, to leave prints through the time and that are the best motivations.

Your work has very recognizable characteristics, has its own style. At what type of customer you want to arrive?

My work is a mixture of many techniques and art styles, particularly, the maneuver between sciences and art is omnipresent, I want to arrive to fans of art, collectors and other particular customers.

What technique do you use?

In my work, multiple techniques and styles are used, and my aim is to find a balance between science and art, calculations of golden numbers accompany sometimes my work, stories are present, history of civilizations is given in my work.   

What value does your work contribute at to the modern painting market or contemporary art?

Professional artists appreciated my work, my artistic career is very rich and my paintings are  rewarded in contemporary art. I obtained the first golden Prize 2019m and it is  an insurance to my future to continue doing my best.

For those who do not know much about the value of works of art, how can they know if a painting has a value or not?

The value of a painting is linked to the career of the artist and the story that he is telling, the techniques used and the style.

Is your market national or you have international customers? Explain to us your exhibitions. 

After multiple expositions and participations in international events, my customers become international due to my international reputation in Tunisia, Egypt, Italy, Dubai…. 

Art is a rising market, but what makes an artist become a desired painter?

To become a desired painter you should have your own style, unique signature and unique expression…  My work is particular, calligraphy art …My style is in progress, a marriage between  orient and occident  guaranteed by colors and light. 

What remains to be given as an artist and what advice would you give to those who start their profession in the art world?

The main role of an artist is to give hand to others continuously and has to transmit the conception of the world and to spread it … and my advice to beginners is to have confidence in themselves and never give up, and there is usually something to do and in a different way. 

What are your origins as an artist and how did you start in the Art world?

Tunisian origins are an advantage for me to develop my art of calligraphy. My love to this art started early in my childhood. I was attracted to this art without thinking, a spontaneous communication.

Your art is really different. How would you define your style?

My art is different because it combines multiple influences of occidental world and oriental world. The history of art in the Middle East, and the research of it, influenced my way of painting and working… multiple travels realized were in favour to establish my own original style.

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