Pilar Oporto is a multi-brand boutique with its own brand that is located in the exclusive area near the famous Paseo de Gracia, in Barcelona. But behind the brand, there is the soul of the company: a strong, creative woman, born to succeed, a great fighter who has achieved alone a great empire in the world of fashion.

Pilar Oporto was born in Santander in a wealthy family from which she learned to have the strength and courage that characterize her. At 21, he married a Catalan architect and his life began in a different environment than she had known. At first, it did not work, but she realized that she needed something more in her life.

With my friend Pilar Oporto in her Boutique of Consell de Cent, 314 (next to Paseo de Gracia)

What was that prompted you to start?

I have a lot of self esteem and I am a great defender of women. I like to be independent, it makes me happy. And I started designing for 10 years until my babies were born. And then, hearing that I did not dedicate enough time to my family, made me leave the company. And my marriage broke. Then I started a stage in the world of real estate, I am a good public relations... But I always knew that I would return to the world of fashion.

And after that stage ...?

When I got divorced, I was very touched, with 50 years it broke the family nucleus. And here I started my passion, in the middle of all this, I set up a toy store of one million euros and more than 200 m2 in Mataró, which was among the five best in the world. I had it for 3 years. We went out in all the magazines and they gave us a Design Prize.

We appeared in "El Conte de la Pilar". My project was also to write a storybook, because with effort everything can be achieved. But, I had it only three years and it hurt my soul to give it up. It was my fantasy world as a child, the one I have loved so much.

And destiny placed you in the world of fashion, another of your passions.

Yes, I opened my first store in Mataró and then in Vilassar de Mar. And, at last, five years ago in Barcelona, in Consell de Cent, next to Paseo de Gracia. When I saw the place with three floors, I knew it was the right place for me. A diaphanous one does not give so much game; and having an elevator makes it very comfortable for our clients.

Now that you mention your clients, how are they and what really attracts them most about your brand?

They are clients who like a lot feminine fashion, elegant and dynamic, that makes them be beautiful on every occasion of the day and night. We offer something that for me is comfort, from sportswear, an elegant boho chic, a set for the day, the cocktail or the party outfit, with the appropriate accessories, shoes, handbags and everything that is needed to be perfect.

One of the things you told me is the importance of the chest.

Yes, I mean that many women do not know their real size and, sometimes, they go out in disguise. You have to look for the sizes that fits well and then the garments are perfect.

The success of Pilar Oporto lies in having given something that was not in the market. A store that offered perfect solutions to all styles, thanks to good designs and accessories.

Yes, I am a stylist and I realized that there were no stores that offered everything from clothing, footwear, handbags and all kinds of accessories. So I thought about solving it with my store proposal.

The triumph of its collections lies in offering unknown designs that add value, Italian trends, French style, the cosmopolitan image of cities like New York, the magic of Emirates and the boho charm of the islands.


Thanks very much Pilar and congrats for being an exceptional professional and woman!

The future of Pilar Oporto goes through an infinity of projects and new stores


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