PY248AB ml 950x320 - Paco Yuste Plastic Artist

Paco Yuste Plastic Artist

Paco Yuste is a versatile artist, who dominates several painting techniques. However, it is in hyperrealism where this artist shows all his potential creating works of art richly detailed and treated with care. Paco Yuste Plastic Artist “As an artist I am fascinated by the harmony, balance and symmetry that […]

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s vestido seda camisero platat453t5gt4 e1540072851999 676x320 - Laura Sors Collection

Laura Sors Collection

The fashion designer Laura Sors presented her new collection at the Murmuri Hotel in Barcelona, inaugurating the Fashion Place, which is a space dedicated to fashion that is located on the second floor of this hotel. This exhibition lasts three months and you can see all the models that this […]

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