The launch of the Champagne Heritage Prince Henri d’Orléans took place last 18 th of June and I had the chance to be designated as the Ambassador of this luxury brand that belongs to the Royal House of France.

For the event, the President and Co-Owner of the Champagne, Mr. Stanislas Gouin came to Barcelona, city that was chosen as the place to present this exclusive brand.

We enjoyed this beautiful launch in the Rabenou Jewelry inside the Pilar Oporto Boutique, two good friends of mine that wanted to celebrate my designation with me.

Mr. Stanislas Gouin, Erik Putzbach, Nina Vélez-Troya, Ignacio de Marichalar and Toni Falgueras and his wife.

Mr. Stanislas Gouin, Erik Putzbach, Pilar Oporto, Ignacio de Marichalar and some good friends.

The event brought together famous faces such as Ignacio de Marichalar, Erik Putzbach from TV, Toni Falgueras and his wife, from the famous Celler de Gelida, Joan Maíz and Matteo Montesano, experts in the luxury sector, David Jané, owner of Drive Me Group, Jacob Vilató, among others.

Nina Vélez-Troya with Ignacio de Marichalar dressing a beutiful model of the Haute Couture Fashion Designer Bibian Blue.

David Valencia is the owner of Digital Luxe, our sponsor that offers the best technology in the market for the lovers of music and television. They are experts in designing home theater rooms or family rooms for the most demanding customers, solutions and multi room systems, and integration with intelligent controls.

Joan Maíz and David Jané

Erik Putzbach and Abraham Rabenou in the launch of the Champagne Heritage Prince Henri D’Orléans

I felt really happy to share this lovely night with all my friends and I want to give my special thanks to Mr. Stan Gouin, Pilar Oporto, Abraham Rabenou, David Valencia, Bibian Blue and all the friends that wanted to share my nomination as Ambassador of the Champagne Heritage Prince Henri D’Orléans. 

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