One of the things that makes me feel most grateful to my Red Ivory blog is that it allows me to visit different extraordinary places that I can then share with my followers. Today I had the opportunity to meet NICHE Perfumes which was a surprise to discover in the luxurious surroundings of Puerto Banús (Marbella).

The space is decorated with exquisite taste and is reminiscent of the magic of Scheherazade from «One Thousand and One Nights».

NICHE has an exclusive sampling service under the «TEST ME 2ML» option on its website. This system allows customers to test the different brands that have been produced directly in the store with the original perfume, supplied by the manufacturer of each brand.

A great idea that customers appreciate since the number of brands and references of each perfume is really very wide and it becomes difficult to choose the right one for each personality, although the personalized attention makes that, finally, the choice is always the most suitable.

For lovers of perfumes, but also of designs that bring much more value to the choice, NICHE Perfumes has managed to unite the most unique proposals of the Exclusive High Perfumery market.

Clive Christian is one of the most famous brands that can be found in the boutique and is known to be used by the Queen of England, although customized to her taste.

If you are looking for a perfume worthy of a queen or a princess, there is no doubt that NICHE Perfumes will be the perfect place to find it!

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