The Museu do Oriente in Lisbon, Portugal celebrates the history of Portuguese exploration with a collection of Asian artifacts. The museum opened in May 2008, and it is located in a refurbished industrial building on the Alcântara waterfront. The collection includes Indonesian textiles and shadowplays, Japanese screens, antique snuff bottles, crucifixes made in Asia for Western export, and the Kwok On Collection of masks, costumes, and accessories.

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A Chinesa Opera is one of the most important and visited exhibitions of the Museum. From November 24th of 2016 to December 31rst of 2018, presents more than 280 pieces such as costumes, wigs, headdresses, makeup models, puppets, prints, paintings and musical instruments, as well as some photographs and videos.

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Chinese opera was born in the late eleventh century and combines different arts such as singing, music, mime, dance, makeup, martial arts and acrobatics.

The Museu do Oriente has two large exhibitions that are permanent. The first is “Portuguese Presence in Asia” with invaluable objects such as the Chinese and Japanese screens of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, pieces of porcelain emblazoned by the Indian Company, Namban art, as well as the towns of Timor.

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“Gods of Asia” , which begins with the Kwok On Collection, one of the most important of the genre on the European scale, which is made up of more than 13,000 pieces.

We can almost see all the arts reflected through mythology, the religions that shows us dragons, statues, paintings, decorative objects and rituals, masks and a large collection of bottles for perfumes.

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