For a long time, I have dedicated myself to discovering exceptional people who worked in different sectors and, without being famous, developed their way of doing in a unique way, taking care of all the details, using the best raw materials and, above all, loving each of the pieces they made, whether in dresses, works of art, footwear and many others.

And on this occasion, I was able to meet an authentic shoe craftsman who, from a very young age, fell in love with the shoemaker’s trade, working hard, but with a special gift to do well each of the shoes he has made for many years.

This is Manuel Vera Corbacho born in  Alcala de los Gasules, Cadiz, who currently runs his company «Mocasines Marbella» formerly known as «Mocasines Pepe Marbella», as its previous owner was called that way.
Manuel worked with him and then took over the business and has been running it for thirty-nine years.

Manuel Vera Corbacho in his Atelier «Mocasines Marbella» located in the center of the city

Manuel showing the last moccasins he made

All moccasins are made to order and to the personal taste of customers who, over the years, have become loyal lovers of Manuel‘s know-how.
That is why people come to him from all over the world, from Dubai, Paris, Madrid and all over Spain to other countries.
And the quality of his shoes is valued for its craftsmanship and good leathers that make them comfortable and durable.

Among his clientele, there are members of the aristocracy, politicians, sportsmen, bullfighters, businessmen and some celebrities. But Manuel knows well the discretion and never mentions the name of his clients, and this is another of his important values.

His fame has reached far and many luxury brands have approached Manuel with interesting proposals to make their shoes with the name of those brands, but Manuel has always preferred to work under his own rules and times.

The tools and equipment necessary for the development of daily work

From paper templates, the different designs are made. «We trace and cut both the bottom and the top part, which is called the top, and then we make the molding,» explains Manuel, while he shows me the material.

«It is essential that everyone has their last with the shoe size of each customer, as it happens, so it is done and if you have to fix the last, its width, for example, it is done and you get it to be perfect for the customer».

The best leathers in different colors to be used alone or combined, according to the customer’s taste.

«All done conscientiously. Then weput the sole, sew and finish it in a completely handmade way»;

A handcrafted, comfortable, customized and personalized shoe, chosen entirely by the customer.

In a month, Manuel says it is not easy to say, but about fifteen pairs.

Since Manuel works alone, it is difficult to estimate how many he will actually be able to make.
My clients come to my workshop by word of mouth, they are from Madrid, San Sebastian, Malaga, Jerez and others prefer to call me and give me all the details of what they want, color, type of leather, etc.
His artisan work is not easy to have continuity when he retires, but it is possible that the new generations of the family decide to preserve this extraordinary way of working.

But the important thing is that luxury can be found in the least expected places with people who really do things from the heart.
And the results are extraordinary!

Moccasins for men and women


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