Manu García celebrates his origins with this new collection, extolling glamour and femininity, offering the best example of the return to normality. Inspired by the great patterns that characterize the brand, at the same time it is updated to the current times to bring it closer to the new generations. A sophisticated and contemporary collection that pays tribute to the craftsmanship and art of dressmaking, a craft that requires dedication and patience in every stitch and every stroke to fulfill dreams.

Manu García with his team

Always based on a romantic style, Manu García’s bridal line is designed for women who appreciate the value of different details and finding their own personality that makes them feel special. The star fabrics of this new collection are crepe and georgette, which create dresses close to the body, very feminine, and vaporous falls, with volumes on the shoulders, puffed sleeves and plunging necklines, adorned with crystal applications.

The lace also stands out, enriched with embroidery, intermingled with mikado and tulle skirts with different volumes, thanks to their uneven cuts.

A modern and timeless collection, adapted to the needs of any bride.

On December 1st took place the exclusive event for the presentation of the new Origen Collection by designer Manu García.

The event took place in the designer’s own store located at Avenida Diagonal, 415, in Barcelona, and was attended by different personalities, professionals from the fashion sector and the bridal industry, as well as representatives of different media.

The Origen Collection is inspired by the great patterns that characterize the firm, while offering a fresh renewal that updates them over time and allows new generations to feel, without a doubt, attracted to these designs.

This collection pays tribute to the craftsmanship and art of dressmaking, a craft that requires a lot of dedication and patience in each stitch and each stroke, as well as a great sensitivity to discover what each woman needs for that special day of full happiness.



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