Lisandro Ramacciotti was born in 1950 in Viareggio, where he currently lives and works and where he started painting in the ’70s.

He is a very interesting Italian painter that I don’t know why but his work made me think of Pablo Picasso.

All his paintings have personality and we can recognize always that they are from him.

He has exhibited in galleries and public bodies both in Italy and abroad and has collaborated for several years with the «Galleria Spagnoli» by Renzo Spagnoli.

His works are present in private collections and public collections including the «Gal» Museum in Denmark and the «Lorenzo Viani» Modern Art Museum in Viareggio.

Some exhibitions he particularly cares about are those held at «Palazzo Zenobio» in Venice, «Palazzo Ruspoli» in Rome, «Palazzo Panichi» in Pietrasanta, «Villa Paolina» in Viareggio, at the «Antica Centrale Elettrica» ​​in Vittoria di Ragusa and finally the staff in Paris in 2009.

He has  participated in many exhibitions including the one in Forte Dei Marmi, in the first two editions and the one in Padua in 2013.

Also he has exhibited at «Palazzo Ducale» in Lucca, in the «Chiostro S, Agostino a Pietrasanta and at the» Galleria20″  in Turin and has participated in exhibitions included in the project «Universe woman: a genre, two looks» the first at «Galleria Factory 291» in Viareggio and then at «Villa Gori» in Stiava-Massarosa (LU)

Other exhibitions:

Exhibition at «Villa La Rinchiosta» in Massa.

Exhibition at the «Turelli Gallery» in Montecatini Terme (PT).

«Institutional Bulgarian State» exhibition – Bulgaria.

Participation in the «Arte Fiera Rimini».

Personal exhibition at «Punta Marina Resort» (RA).

He is present, as an artist, in the book «The art in the kitchen – The artists meet the chefs» published by Giorgio Mondadori.

Critics and literaries have written about him including Manlio Cancogni, Dino Carlesi, Marco Palamidessi, Giuseppe Cordoni, Vera Giagoni, Giovanna Maria Carli, Paolo Fornaciari, Giorgio Polleschi, Claudio Giumelli, Claudia Baldi, Lodovico Gierut, Claudio Bertolini, Giuseppe Recchia, Angela Rosi, Silvia Arfelli, Mattea Micello, Andrea Petralia.

What are your origins and why did you dedicate yourself to painting? What motivated you to dedicate yourself to art?

I am a figurative painter, I am not a portraitist; In fact, my research is on the sign, and on trying to synthesize the figure and represent it with a few lineaments.

I started almost 50 years ago, attracted by the atmosphere of the parisian paintings of the beginning of 1900.

Your work has very recognizable characteristics, has its own style. At what type of customer you want to arrive?

My style, the result of years of continuous research and pictorial coherence, represents my artistic personality.

My purpose is to arouse curiosity and imagination in those who look at my paintings; my work is aimed to anyone who wants to venture into my pictorial world and tries to discover and understand my secrets and feelings impressed in my paintings.

What technique do you use?

I use above all the technique of oil on canvas and on cardboard and collage (papers and fabric).

What value does your work contribute at to the modern painting market or contemporary art?

I try to insert myself, with my personality, in the field of contemporary modern painting, experimenting with new techniques,

For those who do not know much about the value of works of art, how can they know if a painting has a value or not?

Nowadays anyone can evaluate a work of art, just go on the internet and see the auction houses’ awards, exhibitions, etc. of a particular artist.

Is your market national or you have international customers?

I have sold both in Italy and abroad.

Art is a rising market, but what makes an artist become a desired painter?

The considerations of the market are important, but the main thing that distinguishes an artist is the uniqueness of his research and its recognizability.

What remains to be given as an artist and what advice would you give to those who start their profession in the art world?

It is difficult to give advice, I can say, however, that the passion, study and research continues, eventually allow you to achieve your purpose.


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