Founded in 1924, Léon Flam’s workshop began crafting luxury leather and canvas goods. Its know-how quicly appealed to the travelers of that time. Amongs them were the young airmail pilots, the unsung heroes of the epic Aéropostale adventure.

From Toulouse to Rio, they flew in open planes, only able to take with them the essentials.

Proud of this legacy, LEON FLAM gives virth to a new collection of luggage designed to be part of the modern traveller’s every journey.


LEON FLAM makes huge efforst in selecting the finest materials.

Its French and Italian full-grain leather is processed through vegetal tanning, which is authentic and environmentally friendly.

The leather is treated only with natural products to ensure both flexibility and resistance, and to acquire a refined patina over the years. The vegetal tanning enables the leather to better absorb humidity and to soften with time.



Based on Léon Flam’s archives from 1920’s, la Ligne Heritage finds its inspiration in the pilot¡s bags from the beginning of century.

This line is a modern interpretation of the luggage carried by the heros of the Aéropostale adventure, an invitation to travelling.

Ligne Heritage

Louis Epaulard restored the Léon Flam brand with Guillaume Gibault in 2012.