H.H. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is a designer for interior, home decoration, pets-, children, lifestyle products. The license brand  «Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern» is successfully presented with  collections for furnitures, home decoration, carpets, pets-, children’s- and lifestyle products in about 76 countries on the international market. For her design work she was honored with the «ASIA DESIGN AWARD GOLD» as the best designer. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is speaker for sustainability at Speakers Excellence, on the subject of sustainability. Princess Maja is a committed animal welfare activist and lives together with many rescued stray dogs and cats. For her global social commitment Princess Maja von Hohenzollern was awarded with important international awards. Princess Maja is an ambassador for PeTA and honorable member of “Eduxanima” in Romania, a program that educates children in animal welfare classes at school. Out of respect and love for animals and humans, as well as knowledge of the connections between factory farming, pollution and famine in the world, Princess Maja is a vegan.
She lives together with 11 rescued dogs and 5 cats, that she all has adopted from the street.

I  would like to know how you decided to begin as an interior designer.
I love to design the things that we live with in the home and that give us a good feeling. Our home is our private retreat, where we live with family, children and animals. That is why this special place should be furnished with beautiful furniture, carpets, materials and colors that we like and in which we feel comfortable with. This includes a comfortable sofa as well as a beautifully laid dining table as a central point for the family. And a wonderful bathroom in which we allow ourselves a few minutes of personal time just for ourselves in these hectic times. I love to design such home decorations, furniture or home textiles that gives people a beautiful home. This also includes children’s furniture or animal accessories for dogs and cats, which I have also designed, because I want all the creatures we love to feel well at home. Many people say «my home is my castle“ and I have to say that fits very well to interior design made by a princess.

You work in different issues like home decoration, pets, children, lifestyle products… how can you work in all of them? Which is your preferred one?
I find it fascinating to be involved with the design of different products, because everything has different sizes and different materials. When I design bathroom furniture, I have a large object that can be designed with wood, decors or metal. If I design a coffee cup for my home decoration collection «Chateau» or a bowl for dogs, then I work with porcelain and have a much smaller object to design. Patterns and colors look very different on different objects and sizes. I think it’s great that I can let my creativity run wild again on new and other products. I have innovative, contemporary and future-oriented design concepts for caravans and real estate. I am very interested in new, sustainable materials, packaging and energy-efficient solutions.  

Inspiration must be, I think, very important for a designer. What is your inspiration? Is there any  special place, country, culture that inspires you?
I travel through many countries and go around the world with open eyebrows. I live at the pulse of time and I have a good empathy for the constantly changing needs of people. This enables me to develop many creative and holistic design concepts from the idea to the finished product. When I design a collection, I always have a story in mind and I accompany the whole process through to production. I always develop a holistic, innovative design concept with a message.  It is important to me that my products have an ethic and responsibility towards living beings and nature. Asian countries and their culture inspire me very much.

ROYAL BATH is one of your Collections. Can you explain me about it?
A day can hardly begin more beautifully than to pamper yourself in the morning in the bathroom with a truly royal lifestyle and make yourself beautiful like a princess! The design-affine «ROYAL BATH Collection», by Princess Maja von Hohenzollern consists of the series «Diamond»-Line and «Urban Loft»-Line. It is addressed to people who value modern and stylish design furniture that is equipped with the most modern comfort. Modern soft-touch mirrors with perfect 10 different light levels, as men prefer cold light for shaving and women warm light for putting make up.
«Diamond Line»
is a truly noble design line!
It combines geometric diamond patterns with retro «hairpin feet». 
The design appears modern, light and warm. The feel of the diamonds is elegantly accentuated on the matt surface. The golden handles set royal accents. 

«Urban Loft» – Line combines a puristic, royal design and reminds of the cool lifestyle in lofts as you find them in modern metropolises. The fronts with chrome decor accents are an authentic loft element. Glass surfaces in contrast to matt silver furniture feet offer an exciting style.
A special highlight are the original coat-of-arms handles made of metal.
They take up the stringent design and give the bathroom a discreet royal touch.
The black and white design of both bathroom collections combines classic elegance with the modern lifestyle.

What kind of customers your goods are designed for?
My products are for all people who like beautiful things and like to furnish themselves beautifully. And of course for all children and animal lovers who enjoy my products, which I have designed with love for them. Personally I think it is very important that you can also enjoy small things and that you can also give a room new accents with a new vase and make the dog happy with a new bowl.


You have received the ASIA DESIGN AWARD GOLD. What this Award supposed for you? It was a great honor for me to be awarded with this prize as best designer in Shanghai/China. Above all, it was a big surprise because there were so many great designers from all over Asia with their products there that I didn’t even expect to win a prize at all. All the more reason for me to be happy about this award, because here my performance as a designer was evaluated and it is a great honor for me that my work was valued in this way.

You are a good speaker for sustainability. What you can tell me about?
In my lectures as a speaker, I clarify the topic of sustainability to companies and explain in practice how they can implement it in their company. I know a lot about new sustainable and innovative vegan materials. Another focus is vegan. Also many entrepreneurs do not know exactly what vegan means or just bring it in context with nutrition. At the same time, vegan products have caught on in all our areas of life and it is the trend of the decade. Many companies do not know how to handle the issue and do not realize the potential for the growth of vegan products. In my lectures, which I hold at Europe’s most prestigious agency «Speakers Excellence», I explain about cruelty -free materials and production processes, and explain facts about the vegan target group and how to profitably exploit these market potentials for themselves as a company. https://www.expert-marketplace.de/redner/details/-maja-prinzessin-von-hohenzollern-1950/

What have you never done that you wanted to do?
I would like to design a sustainable high-rise project with furnished apartments or a large hotel. Privately, I would like to travel to Buthan, do a Himalya tour and above all, I would like to enforce an animal welfare law in Europe that prohibits the killing of street dogs and promotes better castration adoption programs. That’s why I support my «Heart for Strays Foundation».

And the New Collections?
Next, I will launch a bathroom faucet collection with bathroom accessories and royal bathtubs. I’m looking forward to presenting this soon.

– PETA Compassionate Citizen-Award 2018
-”Asia Design Award Gold”- Award as best designer Shanghai/China
– PAWU- Award for animal welfare Ucraine 2015
– highest honor of the city of Kiev/ Ukraine 2012
– «Shining World Heroine Award» 2011
– bearer of the «Aachener Tierschutzmedaille» 2010
– «Freedom of Kenmare» /Ireland 2011
– bearer of the «Europäischen Tierschutzpreises» 2009
– Receipt of the «Seal of Approval – Sponsors of the good
purposes «of the Action «Ein Platz an der Sonne» by ARD
– bearer of the award «National and international Thailand-friend «
– awarded with the Russian decoration» «Mäzenat des Jahrhunderts»
– warded with the Russian decoration «Zar Peter der Große»
– awarded the Russian decoration «Pilar»