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Today I want to present a nice artist and a great person: Galina Shamaeva.

Galina Shamaeva’s abstract and expressionist paintings tend to have a striking, mesmerizing effect. Working with mixed media on canvas, this emerging contemporary artist has developed a distinctive aesthetic characterized by intricate details, vibrant colours and depth-inducing layers of organic forms. Her paintings appear to be imbued with life and intrigue in their ability to exude degrees of vivacity and meaning even as their polished gloss, akin to the gentle spread of water, hint ceaselessly of life within. Luxury interior designers have taken particular interest in Galina’s work. Her evocative and abstract style, arousing curiosity and inviting introspection, make for art that can capture interest, focus attention and set the right tone for any space. 

Galina’s paintings are self-proclaimed expressions of how she perceives the visible and invisible in nature alongside the continuous flow of energies and vibes often described as the esoteric. Her subject matter is often personal, expressing thoughts and emotions, the power of the subconscious and the spiritual dimension of existence. This artist’s paintings possess the intrigue of the mysterious, the appeal of the intimate and the comforting allure of the organic. 

Though new to the art scene, Galina Shamaeva’s admirers are steadily growing. She has successfully exhibited her paintings at some avant garde galleries in London and has sold her most popular pieces to private art collectors in Mykonos, Ibiza, California and South Africa. Galina is also collaborating with luxury interior designers on new art and home decor collections. At this rate, more of her works are certain to find their way to the walls of luxury homes and villas around the world.

How have you evolved as an artist ? 
I think deep down I’ve always been an artist. It just took me awhile to discover myself and my style as a painter. I’ve been painting and drawing ever since I was a child. It was my way to relax and daydream. I would get carried away into a different state where time didn’t matter and I didn’t feel any physical needs. Luckily, painting still has this magical effect on me today.
In University I got two bachelor’s degrees: one in jewellery production and design, and the other in economics and business management.
I later found my way to abstract painting during a difficult time in my life. By then, I had moved to London and had taken interest in studying ancient practices for spiritual upliftment. I also became curious about neuroscience, molecular biology and quantum physics.
The things I learned gave me a new perspective on life and it became important for me to express my thoughts, feelings and ideas in a physical way through art.  This inspired me to develop my unique expressionist style of abstract painting using mixed media on canvas. 
For me, being a painter or an artist is not a profession. It’s a special way to see the world. Painting is my way of expressing my views and beliefs. It’s also a way to connect with my soul and my true self.
How do you see the future of art? 
I see art developing in various and even unexpected ways.
I think artists  will be experimenting with all our human sensory impressions ( sight hearing smell taste, touch) , feelings and emotions. Possibly and hopefully with some quantum physics involved too.
Do you think that contemporary art can be understood by the people?
Contemporary art and art in general doesn’t have to be understood, it should be felt by heart like music.
Art is an expression of an emotion to me personally, sometimes its just good to switch off the brain and try to feel an overwhelming energy from an art piece. Some feelings can’t be explained logically or verbally anyway.
For you, what is the key to buy good artworks?
There’s no good or bad art. Every single work has a certain energy or a frequency. When someone’s energy  and the energy of an artwork match it feels good, it feels right.
Every work of art is an imprint of the artist’s vibration so usually an art piece has some sort of coded information, which can act for an observer as an invisible key, trigger or a missing puzzle… It is a subconscious process, so you have to listen to your feelings.
 I feel like every painting I create is an abstract energy snapshot of me at the moment when the painting was made, and how people respond to my art will depend on how they vibe with it. In this way, the effect of any painting can be a lot like the effect of music or a book.
What makes your art and artistic services unique?
For me, how I create is just as important as my art itself. I m into meditation, energy channels, frequencies, chakras, and some ancient practices. So far, they’ve inspired me to change the way I live and develop my unique style of painting. When I’m creating art, I’m constantly sensing and thinking about energy flows, vibrations and the invisible fields around us that interact with each other. Every painting I create is a representation of these invisible interactions.
So, my art reflects how I experience nature, people and places, and how I live my life. Our invisible connections with the world around us can be a source of understanding, clarity and even healing, especially when we try to understand these connections better.
When I’m developing a collection, I’m usually tuned into particular vibes or experimenting with new techniques or mixtures of materials. When I’m creating commissioned pieces for a client however, the process, as you would expect, is quite different. I begin every commissioned work by getting a sense of my client’s energy and vibe. I may visit the place where the art is to be displayed, look at where my client is in her life and work, consider colour preferences and dislikes, and combine all these things into a unique painting.
My clients appreciate my unique style of painting and often tell me they feel drawn to my work on a deeper level. So, I think my clients choose me because they’re looking for more than just a painting. They want an artistic experience and a kind of portrait as seen through my eyes as a painter. They want art that will speak to them consciously and subconsciously in a language that is private, meaningful and yet mysterious in a beautiful way.
Can you give some good advice to the young generation of artists?
Find your own uniqueness. Discover what inspires you, what touches you, what you love and are drawn to. Start from there and don’t get distracted by what others are doing. Sometimes, looking to others for inspiration can lead you to lose your own unique essence.
Thank you for the opportunity to do the interview with you!


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/galina_shamaeva