Christophe Muller, recognized as Chef MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) who was Paul Bocuse‘s great collaborator and his replacement at the head of his restaurant Maison Bocuse after his death, started his own venture in Sotogrande and is currently at the helm of his extraordinary restaurant Casabon.

«Much more than a restaurant, it is an experience».

Casabon Sotogrande Restaurant is one of those surprising proposals that can be found in this residential and paradisiacal destination that comes endorsed by the signature of an extraordinary Chef, awarded, acclaimed and with the prestige of the years spent with another myth of French gastronomy: Paul Bocuse.

Chef Christophe Muller and his team
The whole team of professionals: The first person, his wife called Pépita, Azahara, above, Natalia, then Marcya, above, Andres, Chef Christophe and Léo.

With a very defined gastronomic style, combining French and Mediterranean fusion, Casabon offers a delicious gastronomic proposal and an excellent wine cellar.

Cod fritters in an original presentation
Caviar and chopped lobster wrapped in sauce
Smoked salmon of exquisite quality and presentation.
Hot blinis to accompany salmon
An excellent digestive: lemon vodka sorbet.
The best fresh fish to enjoy with a good glass of rosé Champagne.

«There is nothing better to avoid temptation than to fall into it,» said Oscar Wilde, so letting yourself be seduced by an exquisite chocolate dessert was pure obligation.

Exquisite chocolate dessert!
Casabon Sotogrande Restaurant

Another of the things we can find in Casabon is the offer of art that he shows to the diners and that is a passion that Chef Christophe shares with gastronomy.
Diversity of artists and styles that delight contemporary art lovers.

Contemporary Art in the Casabon Sotogrande Restaurant
Casabon Contemporary Art
Contemporary Art in Casabon Sotogrande Restaurant
Contemporary Art in the Casabon Sotogrande Restaurant