Emilia Lloret Laseczki was born in Argentina in 1961. She graduated in psychology, entitled in Barcelona and is specialist in children’s clinic and psychoanalysis.


1999 106-hour drawing and painting course at the Massana School in Barcelona. 

1999 figure course at the San Lluc Artistic Circle of Sabadell. 

1999 collaborating member «Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc» Sabadell. 

2000 at the Maite Batalla art school in Sabadell. 2001 to 2005 at the workshop of J.M.Lozano of terrace and spear. 

2004 acrylic technique in the study of Pedro Castaño in Mollet.


2004 Second prize of painting at the Zurbarán national competition that is celebrated annually in Badalona.

2004 Second prize of the first art fair of Masnou.

2005 (November) Zurbaran First Prize.

2006 Watercolor first prize at the Catalan center of Madrid.

2010 Watercolor first prize the international Aguillion Hall

love your painting. Where does this magnificent way of painting come from?

About 20 years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Martínez Lozano, one of the greatest masters of watercolor, the artist transmitted me his skills in the technique of watercolor and the energy of the maritime landscapes that today complete my creativity space .

From what artistic sources do you drink?

During my growth and developing as an artist, I have taken many references at an artistic level. I consider the impressionist background, the abstract movement and the collage technique as an artistic inspirations .

What techniques do you use to give that reality mixed with reverie?

The techniques which I mostly work are watercolor, oil and mixed technique.

An artist is born or made?

From my point of view the artist carries in his nature an instinct that drives him to create, to imagine new concepts, to go beyond the established ones. On the other hand the artist must be trained and improve in terms of artistic techniques and artistic references.

What an artist must have to succeed?

A great artist must be able to see the world around him from different perspectives in the eyes of others and be able to show it.

Where is your painting going?

In these moments I am experimenting new applications in relation to watercolor, in terms of technique and substrate.

What has been your best exhibition?

The most successful exhibition held to date was at the International Festival de l’Aquarelle in Aiguillon, France. The neighboring country has a long tradition and appreciation for watercolor, following with interest the emergence of new artists.

Art needs new values?

I believe that art should be democratized, in the sense that people could have access to the work and the ability to enjoy it, understanding it from the position of the artist and its environment, in many cases distancing it from a context of speculation.

What value does art has for you?

Art is part of my being, I have art as a way of life. It accompanies me in good times and bad times. Art has made me grow and has allowed me to improve in a number of aspects.

An artist has to expose necessarily in the Art Galleries to succeed?

Currently the art market is open to new technologies, giving rise to international opportunities in terms of visibility and marketing of the work.

How do you see yourself 10 years from now?

In these moments I am initiating new projects that will allow a greater diffusion of my work, being able to arrive a superior number of people.


1999 at the Traç d’art Gallery in Sabadell. 

2000 at the Traç d’art Gallery in Sabadell.

2000 at Bellas Artes de Sabadell.

2000 at the Traç d’art Gallery in Sabadell.

2002 Intellectual Gallery of Sabadell.

2003 Fundación Martínez Lozano of oil and water lance.

2003 Bellas Artes de Sabadell.

2003 Watercolor school in Peralada.

2003 National Symposium of Alcantarilla in Montblanc.

2003 at the Traç d’art Gallery in Sabadell.

2005 at the Traç d’art Gallery in Sabadell.

2005 Intellectual Gallery of Sabadell.

2005 Casal Pere IV de Sabadell organized by the city council.

2006 at the Deusche Bank of Sant Cugat del Vallés.

2006 at the cultural center of Vall Stained Glass.

2006 at the Culture Museum of Sant Cugat del Valles.

2006 Anna Bracons Art Room, Comaruga Tarragona.

2006 Academia de Bellas Artes Sabadell.

2006 Friends painters of Sabadell.

2006 Hospital Tauli de Sabadell.

2006 Asociación extremeña Badalona.

2006 Asociación Narcis Giralt de Sabadell.

2006 Fundación Martínez Lozano, Lanza.

2006 Sala d’art Pou de l’Art, Sant Cugat del Valles.

2006 Restaurant El Remei, Platja d’Aro.Girona.

2010 Aguillion International Exhibition Hall.

2010 Collective exhibition at the Can Balsach cultural center. Sabadell.

2011 Collective exhibition friends of the arts of Terrassa

2015 Col.lege exhibition Martínez Lozano Foundation of watercolor spear


2004 Anna Bacons Art Gallery, Comarruga Tarragona.

2004 Pinacoteca Art Gallery of Sabadell.

2004 Permanent exhibition Sala Pou dÀrt in Sant Cugat

2005 Sala Caparrós Sabadell.

2005 Sala Pou d’Art Sant Cugat del Vallès Permanent exhibition.

2005 Anna Bacons Art Gallery.

2006 Exhibition at «La Caixa» in Barcelona.

Collaborator at the Sant Cugat del Vallès art fair.

2010 International exhibition Aiguillon (France) Watercolor

2011 International exhibition Aiguillon (France) Watercolor

2012 Watercolor Biennale of Toulouse.

2012 Watercolor lounge Banyuls sur Mer.

2012 Art sample Castellón

2012 Valencia art show

2012 Madrid art show

2012 Art sample Friends of the Arts Terrassa

2013 La Caixa Art Exhibition

2013 Sitges Art Show

2015 Watercolor lounge Banyuls sur Mer.