Mar Aldeguer had a dream: to create the magic of Nature through her. This is how COOLOOK was born, the essence of hand-carved natural stones combined with the spirit of the Mediterranean.

Mar Aldeguer, CEO Founder and Jewelry Designer of COOLOOK

She loved the stones of the Mallorcan beach while taking long walks. She liked them all, their shapes, their colors, she thought about their origins and caressed them while she started her own dream. Discover the  beauty and the benefits of semiprecious stones to turn them into a company that with creativity and tenacity has become a true reference in today’s jewelry: COOLOOK.

«I detected an abyss between traditional jewelry and costume jewelery and I thought I could create an intermediate step; a current and affordable jewelry dispensing with precious stones and taking advantage of the wide variety of color and size that semiprecious ones provide, using sterling silver with gold baths of different shades to achieve the chosen finishes. «

«In Asia, I found wonderful semiprecious stones and also who would carve the whimsical shapes that I design, and in Spain and Italy the silver workshops with quality and technology to be able to create amazing shapes. Little by little, I have been developing an increasingly coherent and extensive collection, with an artisanal and limited production that is sold online and in elite fashion stores and jewelers».

Each of the pieces of the collections are carved in a completely handmade way; all the stones are carved one by one with special shapes and sizes that recreate the original and exclusive drawings of the COOLOOK designs.

COOLOOK Space, Madrid


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