Cipriani Monte Carlo is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Monte Carlo and is located at the bottom of the exclusive Mirabeau building in the heart of Monaco.

Its ambiance is refined and warm in spite of the ultra modern glass facade it has.

Mahogany walls, polished steel, mirrors and marble floors give it a romantic air typical of the fifties movies.

But you can also think that you are in a luxury yacht with nautical designs full of blue and white elements.

Cipriani Monte Carlo is the right place to visit if you like the good gastronomy.

You can begin with the Bellini Cipriani Cocktail that is an Italian classic made in Venice at the famous  «Harry’s Bar», by Giuseppe Cipriani. For processing, pure white peach and sparkling prosecco Cipriani peach is used.

I had the luck to taste and enjoy it as aperitif.

The menu features all the celebrated signature dishes with whom Cipriani trademarks have conquered the world, and offers its patrons a warm welcome and lively atmosphere.

You must try the pasta with any type of sauce! Delicious!

Everything in Cipriani is made with the most refined taste and its desserts are a real temptation.
This handmade vanilla ice cream is an invitation to fall into it, as Oscar Wilde said:  “There is nothing better to avoid temptation than to fall into it”.

The secret of Cipriani isn’t about what can be seen or touched, but what can be felt and sensed.
Cipriani arrives directly to heart!

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