“CANNES and FRIENDS” is the new twin Socials Show with «Monaco and Friends» about Art, Culture, Fashion and Lifestyle!
A friendly international Showcase in Cannes hosted by Ballet Star, Actress, Singer Lorena Baricalla with luxury lifestyle influencer Yulia Berisset aka @_queeny_j and journalist Nina Vélez-Troya, owner at Red Ivory. With the participation of Jelena Mandic, jewels designer at . Ep.1 – An encounter on the road in Cannes is the prelude for Yulia to introduce Lorena to her friend Jelena. Nina will join them for a reportage about their meeting to discover the precious jewels collection in Murano glass realized by Jelena. «Cannes and Friends» allows all the Fans to participate and live the exciting celebrities life. Join us! Produced by PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production Production Director: Tino Genovese – Communication Director: Dan Lavore.
  «CANNES and FRIENDS»  BACKSTAGE EPISODE 1 WITH Jelena Mandic, Jewels Designer
INTRO EPISODE 1 Jelena Mandic at her home in Cannes

“Monaco and Friends” and “Cannes and Friends” Playlist on Youtube – All episodes

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