Located in one of the most beautiful areas of the French Riviera, the city of Cannes has always been chosen by tourists with high purchasing power because it offers exclusive hotels, excellent gastronomy accompanied by a wide range of wines and Champagnes that could belong to the winery of a king; yachts, cars and, of course, an endless number of boutiques with the best international brands.

Hotels such as the famous Martinez, the Carlton -which is currently closed for works-, the Palais Miramar, the Hotel Barriere Majestic, to name the best known, are the ideal meeting place to dinner and enjoy a good drink on the evenings of summer.

After the Film Festival, that took place from July 6 to 17, the city continues to offer interesting proposals to the rhythm of multicolored fireworks that delight lovers of pyrotechnics.

But this magical city has much more life for those who we prefer picturesque surroundings, the narrow streets of the old quarter, the «cannois» as they call it, and the Forville Market, exciting and full of fresh products to buy, surrounded by a great number of bars, restaurants and gourmet shops in the Rue Meynader that make us passionate about this beautiful and bustling place, and we become its most loyal fans.

And after a day full of colors and smells, that mix in this painting without an author, a walk through the port, through the parks that show us the stealth of green trees and varieties of flowers that rise to the sky, will return us to a silence only broken by the squawking of seagulls, pigeons and turtle doves that – used to sharing their space with humans – are not disturbed when they see us pass by.

Cannes is a beautiful city during the summer, but I feel that its winter will offer us unforgettable moments, full of rain, the smell of fresh coffee and a strange feeling of nostalgia and love that I have no words to describe. But I know it promises!

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