Bruna Maule Cassio is an interesting businesswoman, journalist and the soul of «Les Anges Gardiens» de Monaco (The Guardian Angels of Monaco), a charity that for more than fourteen years has been concerned with the fight against poverty.

She had different boutiques in Monaco, the Côte d’Azur and also in Spain which allowed her to live an intense life in all aspects. However, her divorce made her life change radically forever, and after to go through  a difficult stage. The Angels awakened her heart and she decided that helping others would add an important value to her. This opened up a world that made her completely happy.

Bruna Maule and Victoria Silvstedt

Since her foundation, Bruna has worked with a team of volunteers who every Monday night distribute the food that eight famous Restaurants of the Principality of Monaco give to those in need. The city of Nice is the center of action and the whole team becomes a legion of authentic Angels who watch over each other. Sometimes, they have not only taken care of the food, but also of paying the odd rent so that there’s nobody staying on the street. This extraordinary humanitarian work is reflected in the joy of Bruna’s blue eyes that convey compassion and happiness at the same time.

Bruna always has a stand at important events in Monaco so that people can get to know her work closely and can help them.

On this occasion, the celebration of the F1 Grand Prix – after it could not be held last year – has made more people understand the situation of other less fortunate people.

It is a pleasure to talk about this radical change that you had from a life of business, travel, love and fun to the inner journey that you later made and where you discover your true life mission.

I have been always a business woman that opened numerous boutiques for more than 30 years in Monaco, on the French Riviera and in Spain.

My life was really full in work and love and I was really happy.

But unfortunatelly, my divorce came and I felt a deep solitude and my health began to be worse.
Thanks to my family and two great friends life came back to me and I decided to change my way to do.

Here begins the feeling to help the others that were less fortunate and it is how it borns the charity foundation «Les Anges Gardiens de Monaco».

After this dark night of the soul and with courage you decided to help poor people and you did your charity “Les Anges Gardiens de Monaco”.  How this wonderful adventure began?

I left my confortable life to help disadvantaged and poorer people and since 14 years ago, our volunteers and myself are supporting all the poors that are in Nice, Menton, Beausoleil… Each Monday night we have our meeting in Nice to distribute hot meal to people that has nothing to eat.

And since then, fourteen years have passed. What have learned from all the experiences you’ve had?

Our support to families and the people in a situation of poverty and difficulties is not only about the distribution of food, it is the solidarity with all them and their situations. We must pay in some occasions the rent to avoid that families were evicted of their houses.
It is a great lesson of life to learn.

I have become a conscientious person who absolutely checks that everything goes well.

I know that sometimes you have had the help of important people. Would you like to tell us something about the work that these people have done and how they have contributed to your Foundation.

HRH Princess Camilla De Bourbon of the Two Sicilies has supported our cause for years and she is always by our side. When she’s avaliable, she comes always to Nice with our volunteers.
Also we have an exceptional Ambassador of our association that is the pretty Swedish model Victoria Silvstedt that supports the team in our tours and events.

Events like the F1 Grand Prix are undoubtedly important to publicize all the extraordinary work you do. How does the public who come to enjoy these important moments like this event respond and come to your stand?

They are always interested in our work.

What would you like to do that you have not done yet?

We have made many charity initiatives to collect funds and we do all of them with love, but we need the awareness of people.
We are Angels, but these people must do the miracle with their donations.

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