Bettina Benizri is a famous Wedding Planner and the owner of the company Busy Bee Events that is a 5-star full service event planning firm based in the South Florida region. «We treat each wedding and event as if it was our own. From the moment you start planning to saying «I Do,» Busy Bee is there every step of the way. We know your wedding is extremely important which is why we take extra special care of the whole planning process and always maintain constant communication. After working with top sellers and venues all throughout Florida, Busy Bee’s offer a RANGE of planning packages tailored to fit your dream event and its budget. What separates us from the rest is that we not only provide a planner, we also provide: a personal shopper, a negotiator, an organizer, an accountant, a budget analyst, and even a friend all wonderfully wrapped into one event planner. From concept to completion, anywhere from venue selection to a very detailed timeline on the day of, consider your special event a flawless affair not to be missed!»

Bettina Benizri, owner of Busy Bee Events

I know that you are a famous Wedding Planner that appears in different TV programs and magazines.

In the last few years, your profession has appeared and increased.

Why is now necessary a Wedding Planner and which function has?

Right now weddings are becoming increasingly popular especially on social media, television and movies. Try to watch a show that doesn’t involve a wedding at one point. With that being said, weddings are becoming a lot more elaborate and detailed, and majority of my clients approach me initially admitting that they did not realize how much time and effort it takes to plan a wedding. I agree because this is literally my full time job. I wake up to wedding planning and go to sleep wedding planning. It takes a lot of time, consideration, negotiation, and even more creativity to thoroughly plan a wedding. Not to mention all of the opinions from all of the outside people that are not always asked for. I am here to provide a stress free wedding planning experience. I am here to clarify what you truly need and dont need in order to have the best experience at your own wedding. We’re not just wedding planners, we’re negotiators, organizers, budget analysts, and even a friend all wonderfully wrapped into one event planner. 

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What a Wedding Planner must have to be successful?

Patience, Organization, Poise, and Professionalism.

Who is the person who usually chooses the most, the bride or the groom, or the mother of the bride?

Truly depends on the situation. I would say majority of the time, bride has the FINAL say but all opinions are considered.

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How many clients can  a Wedding Planner manage per month?

We only accept one wedding a weekend for each head planner. We are dedicated to our events and there for our clients, especially during the wedding week. If the clients really need us somewhere, we’re there or if they last minute need help the night before the rehearsal dinner, we are available. Customer service is our priority.

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Quality or quantity of clients?

Quality. Always.

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Is really important to choose the suppliers? 

We offer packages that allow the clients to pick their own vendors but it truly depends on the venue. If the vendors have worked at the venue before, then it’s a breeze working with them but if they have not worked at the venue before and if they are a little harder to get any sort of communication with, then it becomes a bit more challenging.


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What are the current trends in weddings?

Late night snacks are very big in Florida right now. Every single wedding this year has contemplated late night snacks because after dinner, guests are beginning to drink and have a great time dancing and working off all of that food that they end up being hungry an hour or two after dinner so that is why the late night snacks are becoming a lot more popular.

In Spain, themed weddings have become fashionable. What is the American taste?

The tastes change seasonally. Right now we’re seeing a lot more of what I call “Elegant Garden,” especially in Florida. It’s so hard for us to find an outdoor space that is full of greenery and lush foliage so we create that type of environment indoors while still combining luxury with florals.


Do you also manage different kinds of weddings, for instance, for Indian, Chinese, etc?

Yes I do! They are absolutely amazing and full of traditions that it’s so interesting to learn and experience new trends and styles!
How do you see the future of Wedding Planners? Now they are prepared very well in different international schools.

I see a bright future for wedding planners because I see a trend of technology really start to take over weddings. For example, projection mapping, it’s a phenomenal experience if you have ever seen it in person and opens the world to an even more creative event experience. The future definitely holds an extremely creative diversity.

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And what is the value that Bettina add to the weddings?

As we like to say, please take a seat as we take care of the rest. All you have to do in your wedding planning experience is say yes or no.