Yesterday I visited a fashion store on La Croisette which attracted my attention because the designs were different and had a touch of glamor and sensuality that made me stop in front of the window to appreciate that burst of color and femininity up close. When I was about to leave, her owner, the famous fashion designer Annah Roxxah, left the store and kindly invited me in and, from that moment on, time stopped and took me back to a past full of magical and emotional moments, when she explained to me her wonderful beginnings and her contacts with the famous stars who loved all her dresses and wore them to parade on the Red Carpets.

It has been a unique experience of more than two hours, chatting in a friendly way, enjoying a good coffee and the caresses of his precious dog who shared this unique encounter with us.

How did you decide that you wanted to design dresses? Have you had any kind of influence from your family or from some other designer?

The decision to design dresses is one that I fell into. As a child, my favorite pass time was to look into the Encyclopedia Britttanica at all the wonderful colored images of clothing styles that existed throughout the dawn of time. This I could do for hours and very very often.

                                           Annah Roxxah with Johnny Hallyday

I was an International Singer for many years on the Luxury Hotel Curcuit based out of Paris and singing on the stage. Living in Paris “fashion” is a way of life… I had found myself in Cairo, Egypt singing on a television show and been approached by a woman who knew that I was traveling back and forth from Cairo to Paris and she asked me to find her dresses for an upcoming Embassy event. THIS is when suddenly, I was no longer buying for, or styling myself, but I suddenly saw clothing differently. I started envisioning my friend/client IN the piece!! Shifting seeing myself seeing someone else in clothing was a game changer. I brought her back a suitcase full and she was thrilled with all that I had chosen! As far as designing, I , as a teenager made my grandmother beautiful clothing and I so much LOVED a fabric shop.
I was always sewing… So sometimes, our true passion and happiness is right in front of us what we love doing. We fall into a way of doing what we love to do! Therefore having boutiques was the natural progression!

I would like you to explain a little about your professional career and the world of celebrities in which you have moved.

As far as celebrities are concerned, I have a real affinity for them. I was a classical actress before having been a singer so I know the dynamic, energy and protocol concerning the team work involved in  productions and «letting the Star» ..BE the Star. Meaning that EACH one of my customers is on her own right a Star to me and I do my best to style and dress her as best as I can.  I am comfortable with the surroundings of a movie set and my Croisette shop feels like a movie set full of amazing articles to dress my “starlettes”. I have worked with so many celebrities. The very 1st designer I worked with was Agnetta Ekmyr in NYC who had made skirts for Steevie Nicks of the group  Fleetwood Mac. So I love a Rock Star flair. I had worked on many Dino de Laurentis movies. My best friend was the head costumer for the whole Screen Gems studios
A magical place. She influenced me greatly. When I dress a celebrity I bring 2 suitcases full of clothing to her hotel suite all in her size. If she and her publicist do not like the 1st outfit, the 2nd MUST be perfect. If not, I am asked to leave. So no mistakes allowed. So you can be assured that I will immediately propose to you the very best of what I see ON you. The magic of shopping is finding something that you never would have chosen for yourself which you look great in! You will not be disappointed.
This I love doing for my clients!

What is the profile of a woman for whom you design?

All pieces of clothing that I have in my shop are an extension of myself, throughout all the wonderful  theatrical phases of my Beauty as being a WOMAN. Therefore I style for ALL types of woman. From a Lawyer look to a Rock stars wife look as well as the woman who needs to transform herself with the urgency of needing a dress for a ceremony or wedding. I adore reception clothing, so my favorite personage is someone who needs to find the perfect reception clothing that could be worn again. As my Croisette Cannes shop is so near Monaco or Lake Como Italy,, I adore a crisp elegant 1950’s style flair as well as the turn of the century look with the elegance of a long day dress. My clothing is for the Universe of woman. You are sure to find what your heart desires.

How do you see the evolution of fashion and its trends?

I consider a trend to be hints of tissue prints and colors. Karl Lagerfield said that if you want to know what fashion and trend is, look in the streets. I keep my eyes open all the time but in the end the basics are the back bone of fashion and trends for me. Whats important is what looks good on the body.

What are your next projects?
Any advice for new designers starting now?

For the young designer, find what your signature piece is. WHAT is your style?  Be clear in what it is that you want to offer. Make sure that it is wearable and bold with a direct and clear direction. Something that we can immediately understand. You will accumulate those that understand you and their praise will fuel you to the next steps ahead of you on these wonderful journeys. As for myself, I will continue expanding my Passion for clothing and may design a line for oversized unique size clothing. I will do as my heart fancies as I am the lucky one indeed to say that I love what I do! I so hope you can join me in this true gift and key to freedom and happiness. To be passioned by what we love doing.  Please follow my designs on instagram: @annahroxxah where whatsapp styling sessions are welcomed! Yours truly, Annah Roxxah

Ps. My true name is Roxanne. However as it was already taken in the 1880’s. So I decided to inverse my name and ADD  AH to the Ann Rox. A double x for sexy,, and the AH at the end as its initiatory for LUCK and ALL things good. So you see, each step of the way you truly must enjoy the ART in you,,, as well as yourself IN the ART of creativity. A noble lifelong task.

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