The unique collections of Anastazio jewellery, which bear the signature of Anastasios Kotsopoulos, are a source of inspiration about the ancient culture of Greece and its main values ​​that are to highlight feminine beauty and femininity.

The Greek designer through the Anastazio collections exhibits a singular elegance and aesthetics. At 19, Anastasios Kotsopoulos began learning the art of the stone setter, with his brother Agis,  while
he continued to take advantage of the experience and creativity collaborating with the best Greek goldsmiths.

And, of course, when you work with love for what you do, you evolve in a special way that is reflected in each of the designed pieces.

Anastazio has recently launched his third collection entitled ‘Amazing Triangles’, that stands out for its excellent designs and quality. Is a collection inspired by the geometric shape, the triangle that symbolizes creativity, harmony, manifestation, integration and change.
Gold jewelry handmade with diamonds that offers the delicate magic of their designs.
Elegant, discreet and harmony pieces for romantic women.