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Albert Beniflah, Founding Partner and CEO of Grupo MOSH

Albert Beniflah Llaouz, born in Montreal, Canada, is the CEO and maximum capital partner of Grupo MOSH since its creation. MOSH is not only a night world, in fact, its restaurant concept is quite balanced between day and night since we are not only talking about discotheques, but also restaurants and […]

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First tasting of Champagne Heritage Prince Henri d’Orléans in Florida

After our last event in London, Champagne Heritage Prince Henri d’Orléans -Altesse Royale, opens now the door in the American market.  Stanislas GOUIN, President and Co-Owner of the Royal brand is visiting Florida these days to promote the brand and do the first tasting with Jean-Paul Benizri, JPB Marketing Inc. […]

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