Captura de pantalla 2018 04 29 a las 15.56.32 950x320 - Liné Ringtved Thordarson Sculptor

Liné Ringtved Thordarson Sculptor

Liné Ringtved Thordarson graduated from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts in Reykjavik and is Bachelor of Fine Art, specialized in sculptures. Since 1997 she has had solo and group exhibitions on Danish and foreign museums, galleries, cultural centers and institutes, including France, Monaco, Germany, Iceland, Italy and Greece. She […]

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perfume flamenco 950x320 - Ramón Monegal

Ramón Monegal

Ramón Monegal was born in Barcelona in 1951. Surrounded by several generations of perfumers, he grew up under the magic and influence of scents capable of evoking emotions. The Myrurgia house was his first professional home. He is a member of the fourth generation of founders that worked there. 1972 was […]

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